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Building as a part of the earth,air,sun and water

Just like people, buildings use natural elements. just like us, they need earth . We need earth that is healthy, not too much granite that has radon, water that makes for molds and wet basements, and we need gardens. Our bodies relate to everything that happens in the earth because we are sensitive to the same qualtity. Air can be overwhelming. Air can make a home breathe or it can create drafts. Windows must be placed to allow freah air to flow but not in places where damp or furious air moves. The sun can be overwhelming to some people, I am one of them. Sun is needed for heat and light but too much can drain away energy from some people.Glass is cold and hot and windows allow air to move. All this impacts the quality of life we have. Water is the builders nemesis. Found absolutely everywhere, it must be managed to guarantee a healthy building. So often homes are sited below water, on water or built with poor moisture management. All walls, floors and windows are places where water forms and can create bad health for the poeple in the building. I have often thought marriages are destroyed by bad buildings, companies are probably too.

Historically, buildings considered health to be the most important aspact of design and construction.

Today, urban sprawl pays no attention to the elements or how they impact the people who live there. Individuals must learn about health and buildings and their connection.