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Can women's buying stuff be our salvation?

Imagine if you needed less. Had less , but lived better.

Imagine if you are personally responsible for singlehandedly destroying your own childs health through the lack of understanding how damaging the stuff you buy is ,to the air we breathe or the water we drink.

Last spring I saw a wonderful documentary film called "Earth Day". It is a story of the environmental movement of the 60's and 70's. The hard work, the progress of an entire generation, my generation which disappears as the political agenda of two past presidents asks Americans to choose. Jimmy Carter , the Nobel Prize winner and past President of the US understood the danger our personal consumption had on our health , seeing the connection between the environments health and our personal health. He spoke to us about learning to "sacrifice", his terminology was political suicide, the impact environmentally ,horrific. During those debates, another President, Ronald Regan said something like," Americans, we can have the American dream", which destroyed the course of our conservation awareness and the environmental movement  and  made our world a toxic place to live as greed and entitlements replaced common sense and survival, at least for some.

As we await the economy's recovery, large land developers and builders await the sound of the bulldozers tearing up our farms and aquifers. Unaware of the magnitude of their process, they build inexpensive, big hog homes that destroy our land, water, air and peace of mind. We then buy them and fill them with large, over sized furniture to fill the large excessive space, need to work to pay for the huge expence of a hog home and as divorce reaches astronomical levels, we feel helpless.

It is the US home that needs to be looked at. Women need much more information to help them know what they are buying and what impact that has on health, on everyones health. Women naturally care about this.

The next time you are asked to move, consider not. The next chance you buy a home, consider remodeling or moving into an urban area. The next time you enlarge, go to Ikea and add storage first. When you get in your car, be sure to do all the errands you can at one time. The next time you see higher pay, consider the disruption to your family and life, say no if you must move. Demand quality over quantity.

Women can change the outcome to the environmental disaster we are facing by purchasing smartly. In the end, it is the women who can recapture the qualtity of life we crave, simplify ladies and save the planet. It may be in your very own home that will make the shift occur!