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Making Home Fabulous during a Recession

As my friend and author Thomas Moore says,"Home may be the most important thing we do for the soul". I agree.

Home making, designing and building and maintaining has been my lifetime job personally and professionally and I can tell you that the things that make a house a home are never affected by a recession, never.

The reason for this is that the magic of home is about all the feelings, smells, colors, baths, laughter, tears and extreme joy and sadness it is never about fancy things, huge ornate buildings, expensive furniture or big parties although we all love them sometimes. Home is much bigger than this and so much more affordable.

Let's think on it. When I am happy, I am usually at home, with my family, friends or in peaceful solitude. Usually, my bills are paid but not all the time and I like it a lot when the place is clean and smells like Meyers soap, an organic gentle smell that doesn't rip out my nostrils. I love the smell of something cooking that made everything feel right and often a hot cup of tea will top off a great time.

Home is also fabulous when I enjoy music and look outside to see the seasons. I like to enjoy the colors of the fabrics in my room against the sky and often feel so lucky to be in the moment. Sometimes I feel like walking outside to look at my trees and plants and feel the season and think about my next project or plant and the touch of color it brings indoors when planted.

Home is the place where I regain my strength and reconnect with my family. It is where my pets unconditionally love me and look into my eyes reminding me that life is short and one day I will find a spot in my yard for them, under a tree where the sun shines at sunset.

I love water in the sink and on my back. Soap and oil and clean towels in the morning can change my day. Laundry in the machine and sun dried sheets is almost bliss itself.

Bliss is a word I think of when I am awaking and my husband's arms wrap around me and he tells me this is the best moment of his life. I am reminded again how short life is and hold this in my mind, sometimes for days.

This place where I live is small, old, charming and always in need of repair. Part of our lives follow the needs of this old place as termites or paint fall off the clapboards. Endless repairs that remind me that we are aging here, our home and all of us. As memories fill the walls, children mature and babies come, a bittersweet life blossoms into harmonic patterns of perfection. Perfect in all the unknown, all the changing and beginning in the process of life ,death and rebirth.

Home, simple, humble, rich, full, connected fills my life in it's simplicity as the place where my intimacies are.

When I look around at all the stuff we have we don't need, I am grateful that times like these make home all the sweeter. When things are so much less affordable and the home regains it real intention. Home is where the heart is, where we feel safe and where our memories are made. No where is it mentioned that a bigger, fancier home will make you happier. For me I know for real, they don't.