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Six Words

Nature's Patterns challenge the creation theory.

One is all inclusive, complete , perfect

My home, my peace, my balance

Her home, harmonic, balanced,beautiful earth

Ancient mysteries explained through sacred geometries

How do you use six words to say what has taken a lifetime to understand? Once, I began to question everything changed. The question was simple to begin with. It was" How did we get where we are?" What it meant was, how did we loose our landscape, our regional designs, our quality buildings? Where had our communities gone, our families? How had the culure gotten so far away from close family and community ties? Home, our most sacred place had changed so much over the years and between divorce and corporate moves,mortgage expense, poor design and land use, drugs, alcohol ,internet porn, our very core, our personal sacred space had been violated.

Home, where we regain our sense of belonging has changed. So, this work, these six words is big . It questions what happened and where we go. It has looked into multiple cultures over vast periods of time to try to rediscover how to redesign design and this is what I learned.

Design from the inside out, from the person to the building , building to community , community to earth and back again. See these as interdependent, connected and One.What I learned is that this One cannot abuse the earth or each other, knowing the deep connection of life itself.As so many buildings, their architecture and building quality relied on this concept. This interdependence between human health and survival and the impact of the building on the earth. These connections impact all aspects of human health, in body,mind and spirit.