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Is it us or me? The question of human survival

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I think the intense responses make it clear how many people are interested in this on so many levels. That is a good thing.
One thing we can agree on is the mother nature is fine and it is our health and survival that is the issue here.
If this is the case, it seems to me that there have always been two kinds of ways we act as humans. One way is to act as humanitarians, the other is to conquer based on many economic reasons. All of humanity has done this forever.
The problem facing us has now met an impasse. Our earth, the population and the available resources are colliding for the first time and it matters because we might not make it and if we do it may not be for the best. Certainly, the argument about our grandchildren has become very provocative.
This is one planet. We all share it. If you think we are exempt, think about the spread of the Aids epidemic and how it has spread throughout the world. Think of the pending human trauma in other countries as they try to feed and house their families and there will be no water. The pictures of these impoverished people we see today will be in the millions, actually, billions and soon. Imagine the risk to us all in disease and uncontrollable , unmanageable resource management.
Planned Parenthood has failed and religion continues to tell women to not use birth control and this happens mostly in poor countries.
Humanity has one option, only one, create a new Enlightenment, we have before. Focus on each other and health. Prioritize , before all politics and religions making health for mankind the only priority, physically, soulfully and spiritually. Let the individuals honor be the first order of business beginning with each other, today and from now on.
Redesign design making homes high quality, energy efficient, and healthy in executing and production. Look to serve, as the greatest people have and push social consciousness towards our shared humanity.
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