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What Europe does we need to do

Barcelona, Spain is a medevil city. This city ,like others prior to the urban sprawl of today, was centered around faith. There seems to be a natural connection between this spirit core and  the surrounding businesses and homes, an energetic quality that makes for a real community . It is stricking how we left this model and have created zoning that has no core or no inherent energy. It seems that after the invention of the car, urban sprawl became the norm.

Unfortunately, this shift in thinking is costing us our own health. The abuse of environment is directly related to personal health and sprawl is costly.

Along with this shift we got bigger homes, farther away from a core and often poorly built, all for the profits of some.

In Spain ,as other places in Europe ,remodeling of cities is underway but the difference is that people here live smaller but better.

Quality is the priority. Food is better, and portions are smaller. There are millions of bikes and convenience.

Drug stores have fewer, better products. And people hang clothes to dry and dishes are put in a drying rack.

The appliances are efficient, hot water is instant,  and people generally seem calmer, thiner, less cluttered.

I wonder , for myself why travel is  not  mandatory?

The arrogance of Americans has prevented us from looking at what others do better than we do .

Not to say Europe has all the solutions but it would really help if we all could realize they are really smart over here and we could learn some things from them. Like smaller and high quality is less stressful, affordable and leaves some time to enjoy life.

Heading out into the night to hear music in the Cathedral in the core.