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Pregnant priests?

Unfortunately, there are religious groups that deny a woman the right to birth control. Ideologies that encourage population to fill their own pockets with cash has been in existence for a very long time. The prejudice towards women, children and human life should be challenged. Unfortunately, these religious groups have very few free thinking people in their power bases.
There is nothing to prevent the population from exploding, that window has closed. Mother nature will deal with this with famine, disease and environmental pollution to say nothing of the human suffering .
Our job is to deal with acknowledging these problems and to begin to adjust our thinking towards a balanced outcome.
We must agree that we share this planet and find forums to have our professional expertise begin to comprehend the magnitude of this problem. We can solve so many problems if we are realistic about this calamity of population, pollution and diminishing resources . It is not what we know, but how we think that will make the difference.