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American Cites are unhealthy

American cities have lost the essential elements of health in design, energy use, land planning and future population absorption. The training of architects today is very much like the training of physicians, many specialists and no comprehensive philosophies that guarantee all aspects of human health is included in a diagnosis. Essentially, the training of the architect historically resembled more of the training of the engineer today and this was not as complete as was done historically.

As a student of Vitruvius, 27AD, the building process was considered a part of human health and our buildings and cities today lack this fundamental consideration. Historically, cities and early communities shared the same qualities and design elements. These were, location to water and potability, high ground, patterns that related to the constellations which assured measure of time and agricultural planting, height of buildings never exceeding 7 stories to allow for air and light, a sacred core, transportation, upwind of bad air, local materials and products. Naturally, all these also assure sustainability and the deeper soulfulness we crave. Our cities and the ones around the world are hastily being designed with the new "Green" band aid methodology. Unfortunately, these pieces address an underlying problem in the essential elements of human health with basic existing design and construction approaches being profit driven. Enclosed buildings, unhealthy air, excessive glass, lack of  "clean" products , greenways and harmonic patterns in road and infrastructure will continue to assure stress and ill health unless this model is challenged and we adopt a dramatically new model, more like the ones from the past.

The drawings from the past all share the sacred geometries that assure human health. We have no patterns today nor do we have any philosophy that is challenging our mechanistic architecture. I challenge the way we have taught our architects, their thinking and methodology and know how individuals crave other solutions.

For your information, 44% of personal income is spent on home. 55% of our environmental resources are spent on home. My clients and research confirm that 85% of home purchases are made by women and another 85% of purchases at Home Depot are made by women. This represents over 2 trillion in annual expenditures.

As we will be seeing the population double in foreseeable future , the US has not grasped the need to downsize, the need to spare the aquifers from urban sprawl nor the need to provide soulful , healthy homes to individuals. We are so far off track it feels as though with out bold changes in this industry, our building solutions will not begin to address the future and human health and survival will be compromised.

The reason I believe in my work is because of my professional experience dealing with clients over a 25 year period.The public is stressed, the solutions we are providing are not based on a new approach but on the same soulless, mechanistic approach from the last 100 years. I believe our answers can be found in the spectacular building models form the past that not only remain our most beautiful but also show us how to consider human health and the health of the environment as interdependent.

If this note, has in any way challenged or interested you I have many more ideas to share. I have a distributor  and am looking for a strong team to complete this important work. I was told many times why I could not design and build homes but I continued. Producing a film feels very much the same way. I have a complete marketing study, 95% of all footage, 60% animations and a companion book. I believe I have uncovered a nerve in the market because of the huge response I have received.