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A living Home

Years ago I began asking myself a question. The question seemed simple enough, it was, "What is home?". If I had known it would take me literally years of research to answer this question I still would have asked it!

Home was so much more than a building. Home was a feeling place, a living thing full of memory, beauty, anger, health and ambition. Home was a manifestation of so much of our time and effort. Home was important. Home is important and my job has become to understand the relationship between our home and our health in mind, body and spirit, all part of this home experience.

In my own lifetime I have had numerous homes. Each time, my home either helped the quality of my life or took away from it. Each time, I either wanted to stay or wanted to go and with this experience some things became clear to me. Home was always a feeling place that needed tending, not unlike a garden. Seasonal events and natural changes made it alive and if I payed attention to all this, my homes radiated wellness and happiness. I loved the seasonal flowers and decorations that I made from local things, full of fragrance and color . These things always reminded me of where I was and how nature changed. I never enjoyed plastic flowers or arrangements from other locations as they had no connection to my home at all. There was always enough locally to make my home feel alive in the season it was in. Hence, I began to realize purchasing things from away that had no relationship to my environment did not make my home feel right.