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Thomas Moore and Home

In the 90's, Thomas Moore wrote a book that changed my life called, "The Care of the Soul". I had had no idea that the soul was different than the spirit and no way of knowing Tom would become a guide and mentor for me. It was a long time ago and as I kept researching this idea of soul, and many of Tom's words resonated around this idea of Home. So much so he is featured in my film called, "It's About Home."

Tom's story is unusual as he was raised as a monk. Highly religious, he was very young before he really questioned religion but as he did, he studied the Greeks and the Romans and focused on Marcilio Facinio's work from the renaissance about the soul.

So what is the difference you may ask. It appears the soul is about ordinary life. Our physical life and all the things that support life and wellness are part of the soul. The other parts that are important are the need for beauty and magic. These are soulful qualities. According to Tom, the soul needs home more than anything else. This is where our paths meet and our thoughts merge.

Tom has made me understand the spirit aspect of life but as I studied architecture and sacred geometry I realized the soul and spirit always connect, always are interactive and my images in the film show this. Socrates had taught these connections too and in the film, the aspects of heresy are shown. Why were these images of connection so powerful and why had they often been oppressed? The answers and Tom's ideas are in the film. Keep watching and come see the work in progress A screening at Urban Re Think, Orlando, Florida, Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 7 pm.thumbnail