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Thomas Jefferson and philosophy in design

Thomas Jefferson brought the classical movement to the Unites States. His architecture not only brought universal beauty here but it also held a language of philosophy in the sacred geometries used in the buildings and also in the placement and use of land. These patterns and proportions resonate with the human soul as they are exactly the same proportions found in the body. Like music, these forms are held , expressed and experienced . The connection between the health of the body is directly related to the bulit world  These harmonic patterns of geometry offer solutions to our current building practices. Using the tools of the master builders, the rubric they used always  considered our connection to the environment and our health as interdependent. Thomas Jefferson used classical philosophies as he wrote the Declaration of Independence but he also used them when designing and building.

In an industry today where pollutiona and urban sprawl fill our lungs and landscape, this rubric offers solutions in how to solve the environmental problems and our concern for our

personal wellness. Seeing connection, one never not sees connection.

The Last Battleground

The home is the last battleground. The private concerns of so many can be solved by the way designs and buildings support the health of the body and soul. It is not our knowledge but our thinking that needs to be examined. Any thought of seperatness is dangerous and threatens health and wellness on many levels. The language of nature offers a rubric for redesigning thinking to move existing models towards the Laws of Connection. Architecture and the ancient sacred geometries used are a language of connection, philosophical and life changing.

The Lost Language of Architecture, a toolset

The brainchild of the filmmaker’s journey of personal and professional chaos, The Lost Language of Architecture seeks to reconcile the mystery of the soul with its passion to find a physical home. While pursuing an uncompromising search for truth and clarity, the sense of soulfulness, previously given high consideration in the ancient design of homes, is rediscovered in the sacred geometries used by the master builders. Moving from our current state of soulful emptiness and alienation from nature to a sense of powerful connection to our environment and to each other, the film takes viewers to a place where the soul can finally feel at home.

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