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Homework finished

In just a couple of days my ten year effort will be heading towards another stage. Filming on Tuesday will wrap around all the footage and experiences that have made this film possible. It has been something. I guess I would say that I never could have hung on so long without two ingredients. The first was a totally obsessive compulsion to know and the second was all the amazing people who have carried me through. In the end, the magic of having my children participate in editing, animation and creativity and me knowing what I learned and might have taught them too. It was simple in the end, it was one thing, it was knowing we are all connected and absolutely anything you do has an impact. It was a learning about lots of other cultures and the thinking behind beautiful buildings that taught me about these connections, called sacred geometry in architecture.So now, I am off. maybe this will resonate and maybe not but I will tell you one thing, it was worth it, succeed out there or not. It was worth it to see it through, to sacrifice and to find in the end that the work had it's own life, beyond me, beyond my control.

And so it goes, the largest creative project of my life and it's not about me, it's about us and our interdependence. Like birthing a baby, this one has ideas of her own, now to let it rip!


The Seven Qualities of the Essential Natural Home


Carol Gregor, is an award winning design build professional. She has combined her love of home with her study of human health and the soul. Her custom designs and quality construction techniques made her a leader in her field. After 25 years she began to identify the disconnection between our homes and human health in mind, body and spirit. Her work reconciles this using the same techniques master builders did, reconnecting  human health to the environment. The obvious result is this, if it is not sustainable, it is not soulful.

Watch for the Independent Documentary Film, "Home, The Last Battleground.". The story behind our lost American Dream and a revolutionary new solution. The companion book, "The Seven Qualities of the Essential Natural Home", explains the shift we make when we understand the connection between the human soul and the environment , making sustainability the only option.

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